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Episode 50: The Future of You: Wellbeing’s Exponential Frontier

November 13 @ 4:00 pm 5:30 pm PDT

Today marks the 50th episode of our Quarantime-capsule! The Nation is struggling through a 3rd wave of a pandemic that is a harbinger from this biological century. Healthcare workers, individuals, & communities are facing a breaking point in their ability to cope with their inner landscape, and the actions they must to take to stay safe and sane. Our guests today are world-leaders in wellbeing and human flourishing. Today we frame time-capsule of 2020 through the tensions of crisis and unbounded possibility, a report from the front lines of this Neobiological Revolution.  

2020: Time-capsule for Future Humans – Leading off we will be joined by Jane Metcalfe, founder of Neo.life which chronicles developments from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, longevity, and the microbiome. Science has suddenly developed the tools to author wellbeing and life itself. Developments in information technology and pervasive data expand into the biological domain, with all the attendant creativity and peril of the past century, but exponentially more so. Writes Jane Metcalf, “Homo sapiens is seizing the future of the species, and we want to get it right, so please feed us your questions, suggestions, criticisms, and introductions. And join us on this remarkable adventure. It’s going to be a hell of a ride”. Today’s ride commences at 4:00 PM Pacific Quarantime

Transformative Technology Today – at precisely 5:00pm PT we’ll be joined by Nichol Bradford as simulcast with the global Transformative Technology Conference which got underway this morning. https://www.ttconf.org/ TTC is one of the most optimistic communities om the planet, at the frontier of neuroplasticity, technology for well-being and empathy, and human performance. As TTC and Quarantime join forces this afternoon we’ll review key themes technologies and developments— a future being built in the midst of one of history’s greatest challenges to the human species.

Episode 50 a Quarantime! milestone. Join us today. 


November 13, 2020
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm PDT